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From left to right: D. Canon, J. Zumbrunnen, D. Weimer, M. Peters, K. Cramer, R. Bhavnani, J. Ahlquist, K. Mayer, R. Avramenko, S. Yackee, and J. Coleman From left to right: M. Hurley, B. Shipman, and D. Bakke Top row, from left to right: M. Toukan, J. Sieja, D. Kelly, and M. Kartal. Bottom row, from left to right: S. Yi, R. LeMoine, and C. Ehrlich From left to right: Vanessa Vosen, Durim Halimi, Rachelle Dorr, Alexander Holland, Michael Tecca, Anthony DaBruzzi Faculty, graduate students, and ungraduate students enjoying the party