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From left to right, top row: M.C. Young, H. Schweber, B. Marquez, M. Manion, D, Kapust, S. Gehlbach, D. Downs, K. Mayer, B. Burden, K. Cramer, R. Avramenko, J. Zumbrunnen; bottom row: J. Renshon, R. Owens, N, Lupu, J. Ahlquist, and D. Canon From left to right: T. Landis, D. Simanek, C.L. Ward, and L. Potter From left to right: S. Vortherms, J. Paller, R. McManus, K. Klaus, J, Clayton, and C. Carroll From left to right: L. Malkovich, J. Riederer, and D. Birrenkott From left to right: K. Farell, J. Jerosch, A. Bulocsk, and D. Birrenkott From left to right, top row: K. Cornelious, S. Higgins, V. Tripathi, Z. Pagel, R. Grunwald, A. Holland. Front row: C. Kozack, A. Dabruzzi, S. Kvithyl, E. Welch, E. Monroe, J. Jerosch.